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Mouse Mesh Testimonials

We are always pleased to hear from those who have bought Mousemesh mouse prevention grills and to find how they have found using these humane alternatives to mouse traps - here are a few comments that we've received:

  • I would recommend this product it definitely keeps the mice out, they are very neat to look at so not unsightly on the house. Make sure you order enough to cover all the airbricks around the house, I missed an air hole and had to reorder!
  • These were well made and easy to fit. They were just what the pest controller recommended to keep any mice out..
  • Great product. It does not come with any means of attaching the Mousemesh to the wall so you need to buy that, but it is very simple. We simply glued ours with Gripfill and they are securely attached to the wall. I am a big believer in preventing the mice from getting into my flat rather than having to kill them. It's not their fault that they don't understand that they are not meant to live in my flat! I have not seen any mice since putting up the Mousemesh so hopefully it has done the trick.
  • Thank you for your very prompt delivery. Will and have already recommended to others about the excellent transaction. 5*+ seller.
  • We had a problem with mice when we moved in here; the bloke who lived here left food etc around and the wee beasties were living it up.

    We found that they were coming in through an airway under the front door (Victorian iron one that had corroded and had big holes in) and through the airbricks in the kitchen. We put a new, small metal airvent under the front door and got this great stuff called MouseMesh for the airbricks. The MouseMesh is fab as it still has holes in but they are tiny, so the mice can't squeeze through. Since we've done this we've only had two mice who came in, we think, when the garden was being done and we needed to keep the back door open for power leads etc.
Mousemesh air brick grilles covers are a humane alternative to mouse traps, glue traps and poison. Fit Mousemesh grilles over all your airbricks and you'll stop mice using airbrixks as a gateway into your house..
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