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How to Fix MouseMesh to your Brickwork

There are two main methods of fixing MouseMesh airbrick grills:

1) Glue Mouse Mesh with mastic adhesive

Fixing Mousemesh Grilles over airbricks with adhesive - keep mice and other pests out of your home
  • use a cartridge type exterior glue available in most DIY shops
  • brush off or wash away any dirt, moss or loose brick and allow to dry
  • do not remove hole covers at corners of Mouse Mesh frame
  • apply a continuous bead of adhesive, about 6mm in diameter, around the back edge of the frame - you will need a glue gun to apply the adhesive - these are readily obtained from DIY shops and stores.
  • gentle push the frame into place ensuring that the glue is sufficient to bond to the brick around the whole edge - make sure that you place the Mousemesh the right way up - the text
    DO NOT BLOCK THIS VENTILATOR should be readable at the bottom left of the Mousemesh when in place.
  • leave Mouse Mesh grill undisturbed whilst glue cures - 24 hours will usually give a cure depth of about 1.5mm

Glue coverage: One standard cartridge of adhesive should be sufficient for approximately:

  • 12 small Mouse Mesh grills
  • 10 medium Mouse Mesh grills
  • 8 large Mouse Mesh grills

Push out screw covers from behind before fixed mouse grills using screws - replace caps after fitting2) Screwing the Mouse Mesh into place

  • use four brass or stainless steel round head screws approximately gauge 6 by 1.5 inches - but please check head size as manufacturers sizes may vary. Alternatively use No 4 gauge.
  • remove screw caps at corners of Mouse Mesh by pushing from the back with a small screw driver
  • mark through holes onto brickwork
  • drill out holes with masonry drill
  • push plastic raw plugs into holes flush with surface of walls
  • attach Mouse Mesh applying reasonable pressure to screws but avoiding over tightening which may damage the grill
  • push screw caps back into place
Notice: ventilation of gas appliances:
These grills must not be used to cover gas appliance air vents. The build up of debris such as earth and leaves could restrict air flow allow a risk of the carbon monoxide poisoning.
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