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'Get Rid of Mice' - Preventing Mouse Problems Before They Start

Dealing with mice infestations humanely without traps

Stop mice entering the home with airbrick grill covers - the effective way to prevent mouse problems

Mousemesh provides a unique approach to pest control. This preventative approach will get rid of mice by stopping the mouse from entering your property in the first place; Mousemesh is a simple device that will help to eliminate the use of cruel mouse traps and toxic poisons.

This easy to fit, cost effective product can be fitted over existing air brick vents with no interruption to airflow. This easy-to-fit product has a robust ABS frame with a stainless steel mesh insert and is fixed via the screw guide holes at the front.

Mouse traps and poisons - mice control the old way

Traps and poisons have been used to get rid of mice for decades. Whilst they might deal with the mouse currently making a home in your home, they don't prevent new mice from taking up residence! Instead of repeatedly dealing with rodents once they have entered your home get rid of them once and for all with mousemesh air brick grills, the most cost effective mouse control solution. This humane pest control effective device secures the most likely source of entry by mice to your home or business.

Once mice enter your home, getting rid of them is costly and extermination of an existing colony will not prevent a new colony from taking up residence.

Mice Control in winter time

During the warmer months, common house mice are content to live outdoors, munching on cereal grains and seeds. But at the first sign of a cold snap they`ll scamper towards the comforts of the nearest human dwelling and find their way in.

Once there, they will nibble at (but not necessarily consume) practically anything they can get their tiny teeth on, including lead, rubber, plastic and even some forms of concrete. This is because they have to gnaw all the time to keep their ever growing incisors trimmed to the right length. It's this gnawing, along with a relatively soft skull and an already slender, flexible body that allows the mouse to get through improbably small holes. The process that will permanently get rid of mice will involve sealing quite small holes in your property and of course the air brick is a favourite entry place for these tiny creatures.

In addition, house mice pose a significant health hazard - read about the problems caused by house mice.

Mousemesh grills are fine enough to prevent many insect pests from entering your home through airbicks - read how Mousemesh can keep your home pest-free

The mouse is agile and clever - it isn't easy to get rid of mice

Any openings in your home that are wider than 6mm (a quarter of an inch) and you're in trouble. Through a combination of squeezing and nibbling, the mice could well be moving in. And remember that the resourceful mouse can also jump 46 centimetres (18 inches) vertically, swim, happily travel upside down and climb up pretty much anything.

Buy MouseMesh - our brilliant get rid of mice solution

Mousemesh is a humane alternative to cruel mouse traps, glue traps and glue boards. By keeping mice (and rats and some insects pests) out of your home you can avoid the problem of mice infestation. If you don't have mice now is the time to buy and fix Mousemesh grills to the airbricks around your house - prevention is better than cure: keep mice out of your home!
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